Riverview School District


Cherry Valley Kindergartner Advances in National Reflections Art Competition

Completed with contributions from Theresa Tenney and Tara Bergman.

The Riverview School District would like to congratulate Cherry Valley Elementary kindergartner, Charlotte Biron, for earning the opportunity to compete at the National Reflections Arts Competition later this year. Her short film, Pilot, earned Outstanding Interpretation and will compete against other short film entries from across the nation. Additionally, Eagle Rock Multi-Age Program 5th grader Charlotte Locke earned an Award of Merit and an Award of Excellence for a Visual Arts piece ("A Dress of Many Colors") and photography entry, "Cracks & Scars", both of which earned opportunities to compete at the state competition.

Each fall, students are presented with the opportunity to create art around a central theme for the annual Reflections Arts Competition. This year, the theme was "What Is Your Story?", a far-reaching and potentially expansive topic which generated numerous great ideas and offered students to create a vision they could turn into reality in the areas of Film, Visual Arts, Photography, Dance, Music, and Literature.

The Reflections Program is a National PTA and Washington State PTA cultural arts competition. The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for students to use their creative talents by expressing themselves through their own original works. This year all seven local PTAs participated, with students submitting entries in all eligible categories. Each school held a Reflections gala event where students learned how their pieces fared with judges, comprised of parents and community and business leaders and professionals. Based on the scores received at the school (local) level, 87 entries moved on to be judged at the district (council) level competition. In early January, the district-wide Council Reflections Gala took place at the Riverview ESC, celebrating and displaying all 87 entrants, and then Carnation Elementary's PTA Reflections Chair, Tara Bergman, announced which entries earned Honorable Mention and FInalist rankings. Of those 87 entries, 22 pieces earned Finalist designation and advanced to the state competition.

In March, the Riverview PTSA Council learned of Charlotte Biron and Charlotte Locke's achievements and now will root for Biron's film to win big at the National Reflections competition. Above all else, the Reflections program is a program that gives hundreds of Riverview students the chance to express themselves in a multitude of ways, showcasing the diverse and unique ways with which students can find their voice undergoing the process of making and celebrating their expression.

Included below is the list of all state-qualifying pieces and the Honorable Mentions from the district-level competition. We congratulate those who advanced along the way, but celebrate all the students who took the time to reflect and tell everyone their stories.


Dance: Lara Glover, Stronger than Fate

Film: Charlotte Biron, Pilot
Film: Lara Glover, Something Like the Story of My Life

Literature: Charlotte Biron, I Can't Wait to be a Pilot
Literature: Emma Biron, Two Hearts in One
Literature: Riley Grant, Leave
Literature: Anna Kristiansen, Ballet
Literature: Charlotte Locke, Island Story

Music: Lara Glover, Ups and Downs
Music: Maile Salois, My Life
Music: Norah Barr, The Story of My Life

Photography: Charley Bevens, Ocean
Photography: Lara Glover, A Window into my Life
Photography: Charlotte Locke, Cracks & Scars
Photography: Talesa Predmore, Home
Photography: Mikaela White, The Life of a Swimmer

Visual Arts: Matthew Beard, My Family Tree
Visual Arts: Charlotte Locke, Dress #0624: A Dress of Many Colors
Visual Arts: Levi Nielsen, A Queer Metamorphosis
Visual Arts: Ciara Reddy, All About Me
Visual Arts: Amanda Scheffer, Void of Struggle
Visual Arts: Brody Tolson, Face Stories


Dance: Joshua Collinwood, Awesome Dance of Awesomeness

Film: Ella Ward, My Life Began with a Dog

Literature: Abigail Elmer, Foxes

Photography: Lilyjo Decker, A Pretty View
Photography: Jeremiah Groeneweg, Farm Boy
Photography: Katherine Kristiansen, Fun in the Mud

VIsual Arts: Hannah Boshart, Things I Like
VIsual Arts: Alice Ish, Nuture vs. Nature
Visual Arts: Zelma Quaynor, Zelma's Cool Story
Visual Arts: Veronika Yufereva, My Story